Economic Impact Of Tourism

Economic Impact of Tourism

The economy of a country is extremely important and various governments use various different methods to ensure that the economy of a country stays in a favourable position and it grows every year. The importance of the economy for a particular country and its residents cannot be overstated because of the numerous benefits that a growing economy provides to the assistance of a particular country and, the presence of a healthy economy can also increase the global standing of the country as well. Many countries rely on the use of their resources such as hydrocarbon reserves and precious metals to fuel their economy however as we have witnessed from history that this is not a sustainable model to ensure that the economy continues to grow at a suitable place. This is because of the finite nature of these natural resources which means that they will certainly run out after a certain period of time. Many countries instead choose to increase their economic output by the use of tourism and services related industries. This is an industry which is often overlooked by many countries and can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity for many people that are present in a particular country.

Tourists from a Range of Different Countries

Tourists from around the world come to different countries for a wide variety of different reasons and go on vacations to reduce the stress levels that they are facing because of their daily lives. Having high levels of stress can impact the mental well-being of a person and can also have detrimental effects on the physical health of the person as well. This means that by reducing the stress levels the person does not only increase the mental health, but, the lower levels of stress can also have a favourable impact on the general health of the person as well. Having improve mental health can also lead to a greater level of a category for the person as a good level of mental health is also associated with higher levels of productivity. This means that the economic output of the person will also increase if the person has lower levels of stress. Going on different vacations to see different countries can reduce the stress levels that are associated with a particular person as for the duration of the vacation, the person can ignore their daily responsibilities which results in a lower level of stress.

Many tourists want to remember that particular vacations in different countries and for this reason souvenirs are one of the most important things for tourists. They provide an economical way of remembering a particular country for tourists as they will have something physical with which they can reminisce their time in a particular country.

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