The Best Annual Report Printing Services

Annual report printing services can be very tricky business.

Over the course of a year a company can spend from one to three per cent of their overall revenue on printing services so getting services like annual report printing services right is a big deal – a very big deal. You should try this link to find out more details about Sydney printing.

The obsession with printing in the modern era is everything to do with cost and how must companies waste on printing rubbish they don’t need. This is exemplified by annual report printing because within an annual report print out is everything that the company has done so it is there for everyone to see. In addition, there is more to printing than just waste of printing resources because if you don’t print properly as a business you could find the time and efficiency of your employees being wasted also – just think of all that time they spend at the printer taking a quick five minute break when they could be working!

All this boils down to one thing which is lowered productivity and right there in the ‘business 101’ handbook, written in large bold print, you will find the first cardinal sin of business which is low productivity.

What do you do? Who do you turn to? Who do you call?

That’s right Ghostbusters! Sorry, wrong number. No you call the people who deal with this sort of thing which are the annual report printing specialists. 

Here are a few of the best annual report printing specialists.

Investor Relations Society

Investor Relations Society, or IRS for short – don’t worry they aren’t the tax man! – are annual report print specialists who have been in the business for years and have years of experience to go with their great customer service.

To help you out, because they are friendly like that, IRS outlines the best and latest practice guidelines for annual report printing so companies understand can target which parts of their printing services need revolutionising, or without being too dramatic just a quick tweaking.

Sampson May

Sampson May are again experts in the annual report printing field, but would you really expect any of them to say any less? Didn’t think so but as proof of their ability just check their website or comparison sites for their credentials and you shouldn’t be too let down. In fact you should be pretty impressed!

Sampson May are good at what they do because they are flexible and don’t just shove the latest annual report printing guidelines down your throat because they understand it is an evolution not a revolution – some companies just can’t adopt these policies straight away and Sampson May work with you to figure out a compromise.

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